Welcome from Donard

The new dandadec.com has been operational for a few weeks now and I hope that users will like it as much as I do.  It is a credit to Anne’s initiative and design skills.  Separate pages for Maurice de Cogan and Dym will be developed in the future as part of a general upgrade.

The previous system that we had used was not particularly user-friendly from a site creation and maintenance perspective.  System changes seem to introduce broken links.  The new site has been developed using WordPress which has carried my other blog  for over a year.  It looks promising and seems to be much easier to edit or to add content.

So, what is in-store?

Research into and using TLM as well as other modelling has progressed very slowly, but there are some results, lots of ideas and conjectures which I want to communicate.

In the areas of ‘Other Research’ there are observation which need more work and in adding them to the site I hope that someone might be sufficiently excited to take these ideas and run with them.

In association with research into the fate of Hampden bomber AE392 and its crew I have been investigating the events that led to the death of Ofw Detlev Lüth on 6 March 1944 and suggest a hypothesis.

Under ‘Miscellaneous articles and reviews’ I propose to add a mathematics teaching aid which I developed while in Colombo.  Alos, some aspects of an autobiography should cause amusement.

The ‘Colombo articles’ heading will be amended to ‘Colombo articles and presentations’ to include a broader spectrum of contributions.  While in Colombo I encountered great interest in Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake and I am planning to annotate the first few pages using hyperlinks to give some idea of the complexity of that work.