Dosanda Publications

We have a mission to make available histories that might not otherwise be accessible. There is a particular emphasis on  science, the arts and engineering.

Our listing of published work and works coming to publication include:

  1. “Whence Weather: from weather lore to weather science” Donard de Cogan ISBN 978-0-9935469-0-7 (Available at CreateSpace estore)
  2. “They talk along the deep: a history of the Valentia island cable telegraph station” Donard de Cogan (Available April 2016)
  3. “Autobiographies of James Graves, telegraph cable pioneer” (In preparation)
  4. “An Annotated History of Submarine Cables and Overseas Radiotelegraphs: 1851 – 1934” Ivan S. Coggeshall (In preparation)
  5. “A History of BT Marine Services” Eric Clayton (In preparation)